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JucoRoute is the promotion of junior college baseball across the country. There are nearly 500 two-year schools or junior college baseball programs in the USA. High School players have many options, questions and less knowledge about Juco Ball – Our Staff is dedicated to assist them in their process. Our commitment to players is Exposure! We promote their craft through our network of Coaches via Social Media, emails, phone calls and videos! “Junior College Baseball is an excellent avenue for the majority of the baseball players.” says Oklahoma Sooner Assistant Coach Clay Van Hook.  Here are some reason why you should consider Juco Baseball!

1. Cost

Cost of attendance to a junior college is significantly less compared to 4 year schools

2. Development

Junior college is not as limited on the number of hours a coach can work with his team or the number of coaches. Junior College programs are allowed to play fall games with unlimited practice schedules as well as a 56 spring game schedule. Playing time is an important part of the development process involved in Junior College Baseball – typically a player doesn’t have to worry about sitting behind junior and seniors like they would in a 4 year college before having that opportunity to play.  A lot can happen during your two years at a junior college physically & mentally.

3. Academics

In your first two years of college you will be taking general education courses, the same as a 4yr institution, at a lower price.  After transferring from a junior college and graduation from a 4yr college, your diploma will say “Iowa, Texas, Vanderbilt, Florida” you will receive the same degree as your peers except you will save thousands of dollars.

4. MLB Draft

Junior College players are draft eligible every year while attending a junior college.  4yr college players are not eligible to be drafted until after their junior season or age 21.  Bryce Harper was selected 1st overall in the 2010 MLB Draft after playing at the College of Southern Nevada!

There are many more reasons to consider playing JUCO Baseball, the list truly does go on and on. Whatever your circumstances might be, #JucoRoute is here to help open doors for thousands of students every year through showcases, social media, apparel, and numerous other avenues! Our commitment to educating players and parents on the benefits of a 2 year school is second to none!